We implement

the safest, most efficient products, while creating a culture of rigor and results.

Our Approach


Our first priority is and always will be safety. Our focus is the many individual subsystems that make up the whole of the air traffic and surveillance domain. These subsystems must work in tandem, without conflict, at all times. This ever evolving landscape requires attention to detail, careful tracking, and the utmost consideration of how each works to protect those in the air and on the ground.


Without proper systems engineering, high costs can be incurred as the result of duplicate or missing functionality. Combine these issues with the increased use of automation in air traffic control systems and the ever growing demand of our skyways, and we’re met with the task of creating systems which can efficiently and successfully share data with one another.


To achieve the greatest trackable gains, we work to create a results-oriented culture. This requires establishing participation of the people and processes that make up the organization’s infrastructure. A company wide acceptance of objectives, costs, and benefits of the system is required for total success. Once in place, continuous refinement and reinforcement will become necessary to maximize the system’s benefits.