We specialize

in design, development, acquisition, and integration
of the most advanced surveillance systems known.


Airport Surface Detection Equipment – Model X

ASDE-X is a surface surveillance system that provides air traffic controllers with a visual representation of the traffic situation on the airport movement area and arrival corridors. It improves the controller’s ability to maintain awareness of the operational environment and to anticipate contingencies. ASDE-X was developed to aid in preventing surface collisions and in reducing critical Category A and B runway incursions. ASDE-X Safety Logic (AXSL) uses surveillance information from ASDE-X to determine if the current and projected positions and movement characteristics of tracked aircraft and vehicles present a potential collision situation. Visual and audible alerts are provided to air traffic controllers when safety logic predicts a collision. Deployment of all 35 ASDE-X systems was completed in July 2011.

Regulus Group contributions to the ASDE-X program include:

Systems Engineering

  • Provide field engineering support for implementation and optimization activities
  • Monitor and assess design, development, and testing of the surface surveillance systems and all related subsystems
  • Report problems and deficiencies and develop resolutions
  • Test the system and provide radar data analysis expertise

Program Management

  • Provide program management support to the program
  • Prepare responses to program inquiries from FAA Executive Management, Congress, and other internal and external organizations
  • Develop white papers and management briefings for stakeholders
  • Assist with responding to ASDE-X finance related inquiries, such as preparing responses to the House and Senate Appropriations Committee on the yearly budget, preparing the Capital Formulation briefing for the Capital Investment Team, drafting the conference appeals for the House and Senate marks, and updating the 5-year Capital Investment Plan (CIP) input
  • Review and provide input to the OMB Exhibit 300 reports