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Suzanne Roulston

Suzanne Roulston is a senior systems engineer with over 15 years’ experience in engineering, integration, transition services, and business management. Ms. Roulston is a partner of Regulus Group, LLC, which is headquartered in Woodstock, Virginia.

Ms. Roulston is jointly responsible for corporate management and business operations at Regulus Group. She oversees financial processes, ensuring contract invoices and reports are completed, and verifying accounts are accurate. She also oversees tax matters and human resources issues.

She performs special projects as required, including strategic direction and business development, and assists with managing Regulus Group’s headquarters.

Ms. Roulston has experience in providing senior systems engineering support to the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense in the areas of air traffic control, flight planning, and traffic management.

She attended the University of Virginia where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, with a concentration in Computer Science. She completed graduate-level coursework in Electrical and Computer Engineering at George Mason University.